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An essential element of our success is the continuous interest we focus on the safety and health of our employees and partners. To this effect we take preventive measures and we analyze the potential risks. Our employees are trained periodically and our actions are in full compliance with the European and international safety and health standards.


In order to achieve these commitments we decided on the implementation and certification of a quality-environment integrated system.

Guaranteeing and maintaining the health, safety and environment is a goal and a duty for all AXXA Maritime team members. Our company aims to strengthen its image by the quality of products it offers and by the competitive prices it practices, always subject to satisfying the clients’ requirements and to generating the minimum impact on the environment.

In this context we commit ourselves:

To perform our activity in full compliance with the clients’ requirements, correlated with the product standards, legal requirements and regulations regarding the safety of the product as well as with the legal requirements and other environment requirements applicable to general aspects of environment. - To continually improve the efficiency of processes and the environment performance.


We are committed to the health and safety of our people, the environment and the communities in which we work. We want us to establish long lasting relationships with our host communities where we work together to make a positive contribution to the lives of people who live near our working places and to society more generally. Our ability to grow our organisation safely and in an environmentally responsible way is essential.